How to Find the Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai

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July 7, 2019

How to Find the Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai

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The core of any marketing strategy always traces back to the same question: where is my target market focusing its attention and how do I reach them? 

If your business seeks to tap entrepreneurs, you may look to build a strong presence on Linkedin. Interested in a younger demographic? Try Snapchat or Instagram. 

Pursuing an even wider audience? Facebook is the place to be. 

The bottom line is, social media is now a marketing tactic that can’t be ignored, and for the busy entrepreneur, managing multiple accounts can be hectic. With an economy founded mostly on technology, Dubai in particular boasts dozens of digital marketing agencies that cater to both local and international clients. 

To spot which social media marketing agencies stand among the best, here are a few tips you may want to consider. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai are Well-Reviewed

A reliable digital agency will often publish client testimonials on their website. While these reflect and guarantee that a service has the capability to deliver wanted results, a thorough look at its reviews on third-party websites can provide potential clients with a better idea of their work ethic. 

Read through Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews and build a list of pros and cons. If you spot a recurring issue, observe whether these have since been resolved, and how. 

Alternatively, you can reach out to an agency directly if you spot something alarming and gauge their response. This will also give you an opportunity to assess their communication habits–whether they dodge your question or acknowledge your inquiry in a timely manner. 

Any lack of transparency when considering a digital agency is a red flag that you should never overlook.

The Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai Serve Top Tier Clients

At face-value, stellar reviews alone do not make for a credible social media marketing agency in Dubai. Quality agencies draw those reviews from clients in high places, and when a firm is used to dealing with established businesses, they’re usually a safer bet. 

Because the core of a business partnership is trust, agencies such as Socialize, who have collaborated with the likes of Sony, Reebok, and Häagen Dazs can easily prove dependable. 

That being said, one effective way to scope out an agency’s habits, strategy, and results is to check their website for companies they’ve partnered with in the past. If you can’t find reports of how those engagements went, you can try contacting acquaintances you might have among their past clientele for referrals.

The Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai Feature Case Studies

Studying a service’s previous engagements can provide you with an inside look at their processes. Web development company Igloo, for example, shares its experience with one of Dubai’s top fine dining Lebanese restaurants on its website. It states its goal as having been an increase in brand awareness and revenues, with the objective of maximizing its return on investment. In a graph, Igloo reflects the restaurant’s social media growth within 4 months, then enumerating the steps it took to achieve an objective of 25,000 organic Instagram followers. 

Clients won’t only want to know that an agency has performed successfully–they’ll want to see proof. For this reason, an agency’s case studies can act as somewhat of a lure. In demonstrating its hypotheses, implementations, and results for a specific strategy, an agency can convert leads into customers. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai Walk the Talk

When looking for a reliable partner in social media marketing, check to see how well they live up to the ways they hype themselves: have a look at their social media profiles and see if you’re impressed.

A social media marketing agency that runs a shoddy page shouldn’t inspire confidence. Conversely, if you find yourself enjoying your experience on their Facebook or LinkedIn, and drift easily from their social pages to their website, then it’s likely that they can do the same for you.

Now, this isn’t a perfect guarantee. After all, marketing a social media company could be a different thing entirely from marketing whatever product or service you’re looking to sell. Naturally, they should be ready to adapt their strategies to fit your target audiences and business mode.

Take their social media pages as an indicator of what they’re capable of, and use it as a talking point when mapping out how an engagement with your business would look.

The Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai Fit Your Wishlist

One tip that we highly recommend when shopping for a social media marketing agency in Dubai is to come prepared with a wishlist. 

Your social media efforts should contribute to your business’ offline goals: start with where you want your business to go (whether it’s greater popularity or increased sales) and plan how social media activity could assist you in reaching it.

From there, you should have a list of digital needs to fill: one that you can present to your prospective agencies to see what they’re willing and able to commit. Don’t be afraid to get ambitious–you are looking for the best, after all.

The best social media marketing agencies in Dubai know how to fit your wishlist, and more importantly, they make strategic recommendations to help you further hone your plans. It may be ironic given the title of this entry to our list, but agencies that smile and nod are less valuable than those that are willing to tell you how your plans could be improved.

When scouting for a partner in social media marketing, bring a wishlist and an open mind. If they’re the experts they claim they are, you’ll walk away with greater confidence in your plans.


Social media marketing is an essential tool for modern business. You don’t want to miss out on the massive reach and precision targeting that comes with the practice.

If you’re interested in dominating your industry in terms of social presence, visit the Marketing Agency Network to find a top quality social media agency in Dubai (or anywhere in the world, for that matter!)

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