How the Best Digital Marketing Agencies Build Their Teams

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July 7, 2019

How the Best Digital Marketing Agencies Build Their Teams

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Choosing to trust in an agency to handle your digital marketing is a major step. The right choice could leave your business in a position to take the market by storm and, conversely, the wrong choice could lead to disaster.

One way to test an agency for quality is to take a look at the team behind it –after all, it’s their professionalism and expertise that’ll determine whether or not the company will do you good in the long run.

For this article, we’ll tackle the top team-building habits of the best digital marketing agencies, and how you can go about working these ideas into your vetting process.

1. The Best Digital Marketing Agencies Start with a Vision

When establishing their teams, the best digital marketing agencies start with a plan. There’s a finite set of tasks and skills that apply to these kinds of firms, so successful agencies map out their ideal slate of services and compose a profile for each job description that pops up (we’ll discuss more about job descriptions later).

For example, a digital marketing agency without a specialized direction might source employees with backgrounds in your typical online marketing tasks like brand positioning, creative design, and high-level strategy. 

On the other hand, an agency that aims to be an authority in performance marketing, on the other hand, might do the same, but require additional expertise in data analytics and web development to make sure their team excels at monitoring KPIs and optimizing campaigns.

It pays to get to know the qualifications of both the company you’re working with as a whole as well as the qualifications of their team members –especially when you have a direct line to the employees assigned to your account.

2. The Best Digital Marketing Agencies Plot a Clear Division of Labor

Divide and conquer is a time-tested strategy that applies even in today’s digital marketing landscape. The average person can only specialize in so many areas, and it’s been proven that labor specialization can yield greater productivity.

Division of labor ensures that each of your business’ digital marketing needs are handled by a group of people who are equipped to service them (rather than just a pair of burned-out marketers). This is all the more important for agencies that are known to handle a large number of accounts at a single time.

To factor this into your selection process, ask to be introduced to the people who would be handling your account should you opt for a particular agency. If you’re presented with a dedicated team with clearly defined roles, then take it as a positive sign. 

3. The Best Digital Marketing Agencies Seek Referrals

This next item on our list is a practice that applies to finding talent in most industries: referral-based hiring. 

If you’re after the best digital marketing agency available, then check to see how they source their talent. Smart companies turn to referrals when hiring new people because they’re invested in a guarantee of quality, and referrals have already passed an initial vetting process: that of the person who was confident enough to mention them.

An infographic by Jobvite breaks down the benefits of referral hires, but for the purposes of an agency’s client, all you need to know is that they prove themselves faster and stay for longer –meaning they can serve you better.

As a prospective client, you have the right to know how an agency hires their talent and what their selection process entails.

4. The Best Digital Marketing Agencies Invest in Training

A talented hire is a good thing, but a talented hire that’s been further trained and developed is a priceless asset for any digital marketing agency –and the clients who hire them.

There’s no one-size-fits-all template for how quality training should go, but as a general rule of thumb, team members should be trained on a regular basis to make sure they stay ahead of all the current tools and techniques in digital marketing. 

The industry is always evolving, which means that the most adaptive digital marketing agencies are bound to rise to the top, taking you along with them.

Find out what programs your prospective digital marketing agency partners run when keeping their employees’ skills sharp, and go for the agency that can service you with a keen competitive edge.

5. The Best Digital Marketing Agencies Prioritize Client Satisfaction

Your satisfaction should be the goal of each person who works at a digital marketing agency you’re partnered with. To this end, the best digital marketing agencies strive to make sure that their teams seek out the best results for their clients.

An agency might seek to hire employees with a reputation for going above and beyond the line of duty for the sake of getting a job done right, or they might achieve this in new hires through training. Whatever course of action they take, it has to factor into their calculus when putting a team together.

There are plenty of ways to measure ROI in digital marketing, so place your trust in an agency that can help you identify which metrics are the most vital to tracking your success. Likewise, feel free to ask your candidates about their track record for delivering returns for their previous clients. You can find this out through case studies, or similar reports.


The best digital marketing agencies bring the best teams together for the sake of delivering the best service. As you’ve seen, doing so means having a vision of how that team would function, building specialized roles, hiring through referrals, training their talent, and enforcing the value of client satisfaction.

Instead of finding yourself staring at a costly, months-long mistake of an engagement with a sub-par marketing agency, be diligent and make sure you have a stellar team on your case.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company to partner with, check out the Marketing Agency Network. They’ve compiled an index of the best firms around the world to make a digital transformation as easy as clicking a mouse.

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