7 Sterling Features of the Best Web Design Companies in Dubai

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September 12, 2019

7 Sterling Features of the Best Web Design Companies in Dubai

A website for your business ticks off a lot on your to-do list, which might include providing information to consumers, achieving top search engine rankings, and challenging your competitors, among other things.

Being present on the internet allows your business to provide easier access to your products and services and generate greater revenue. That being said, it takes a lot, especially nowadays, for a website to stand out. 

So where do you begin? With the right web design company, of course.

As a growing giant in today’s technological landscape, Dubai is home to an abundance of firms built around web development. To help narrow your search, here are 7 sterling features of the best web design companies you’ll find in Dubai. 

1. The Best Web Design Companies in Dubai Create Appealing Content

In today’s digital landscape, your website acts as your store front and first impressions count. Just as nobody wants to shop in a cluttered store, the same holds for your digital presence: clean and appealing websites sell. In fact, 48% of people cited that web design is a top factor in deciding whether or not a business is credible.

Your website should be an immediate reflection of what your brand offers and embodies. If you’re aware of your brand’s personality, then you can design elements like your color palette and typography to influence how netizens browse your page.

Simple web design will draw a user’s eye to the most important parts of your page, including your calls-to-action.

Check out GO-Gulf, an e-commerce specialist and web design company in Dubai. Before even scrolling through its home page, audiences get a clear idea of their services, a roster of their clients, and easy access to a chat box.

2. The Best Web Design Companies in Dubai Serve the Best Clients

When a web design company has won the trust of firms that lead in your industry, you can be that they’re onto something great. It’s an indicator that their services and selling points are worth notice.

As you vet your candidates, we recommend checking their list of previous clients (most would feature them on their sites). Keep an eye out for large and well-known companies, as well as companies that resemble your own—if they’ve served big players and other companies within your industry, then you’re on the right track.

As an added bonus, also look for case studies and similar documentation of their experiences with former clients. These can give you valuable insight into their work styles, as well as the kinds of results they can deliver.

3. The Best Web Design Companies in Dubai Provide Effective UX

Great user experience comes with having a usable and functional layout that’s easy to navigate. 

A website should be somewhat predictable—most internet users expect a menu to appear at the top of a screen, buttons to go where they say they will, and page load times to be quick.

Elements such as color and shape can vary, but the bottomline is: people like to instinctively know where things are, especially online. Prototypical web designs make the customer journey from site to social to store and back smooth and easy.

4. The Best Web Design Companies in Dubai Consistently Optimize

Websites need to change according to trends and visitor feedback. Updating your site on a regular basis is important, but with new sites constantly infiltrating webspace, traffic is something to be anticipated.

47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, so to combat the setbacks of internet density, your website’s loading time should undergo repeat optimization. 

Outranking your competitors is another thing. You’ll want to deploy keywords and content that tie in with your SEO strategy, so engaging in a monthly discussion with your web designer can be a useful exercise in adjusting site elements.

5. The Best Web Design Companies in Dubai Make Your Site Accessible

To rank higher on search engines, your site needs to be accessible, and achieving this requires more than just effective SEO. 

Begin by studying how your consumers prefer to browse the web. In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic was generated through mobile browsing. With that in mind, it makes sense for a good web design company to format your site to mobile, and it should transition smoothly. The more available and pleasing your site is to view on various devices, the more people visit, and the greater your visibility. 

In the UAE, award-winning digital marketing agencies such as E-direct offer responsive web design services. 

6. The Best Web Design Companies in Dubai Put Your Goals First

A strong partnership between your business and web designer makes aligning with your goals all the more achievable. After all, a good web designer should do more than just reinforce appealing layouts—it should communicate your mission to site visitors. In marrying your own marketing process with theirs, working together becomes seamless.

7. The Best Web Design Companies in Dubai Have Strong Customer Support

Like any aspect of marketing, web design isn’t just a one-time thing. Establishing a healthy partnership with your business’ chosen web design company is vital to growing your brand. 

You’ll often be assigned to a dedicated point person—one who can answer your questions, review your progress, and discuss potential alterations to your website. This point person might offer a content management system, on the occasion that they become personally unavailable to you. These tools allow you to make direct changes to your site, and help better distribute tasks.


As much as we prefer not to admit it, many internet dwellers will judge a book by its cover, which is why it matters to create a pleasing one. After all, good web design makes products useful and understandable, and can say a lot about who you are as a brand. When a product or service feels self-explanatory, you could owe your web design to its success. 

Need to launch a new look for your website? Visit the Marketing Agency Network and match up with an agency that can bring your vision to life. 

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