6 Ways to Pick the Best Advertising Agency for Your Brand

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September 12, 2019

6 Ways to Pick the Best Advertising Agency for Your Brand

Maybe you lack the resources or expertise, or have already reached a level of success within your business that encourages growth. 

Either way, you’re at a point where hiring an advertising agency may the best way to launch new products and services, boost sales and revenue, or simply welcome new marketing strategies. 

Entrusting your mission and vision to an entirely new entity can be daunting—which is why we’ve put together a handful of ways to find the advertising agency best suited to cater to assist your brand.

1. Hire an Advertising Agency That Suits Your Needs

Many online users find ads disruptive, and they aren’t wrong to feel that way. Most ads are detached, and have little to do with their viewers’ real interests.

There’s a benefit to knowing what your market is after, because 80% of millennials actually find themselves receptive to personalized advertising. It’s a promising statistic that suggests an advertising agency isn’t just supposed to sell your product or service—they should highlight the relatable features of your brand to your core audiences. 

For the best results when picking an agency, start by determining what you need, and why you’re outsourcing in the first place. Are you introducing new products or rebranding your online presence? How much material will you be needing? 

Keep your goals focused and consider how you want to execute them. If you are considering various formats (i.e. digital, television, radio), look into an agency that specializes in multimedia, or separate agencies that can help you shine in each respective category.

2. Hire an Advertising Agency That Will Cater to Your Budget

It is common for an ad agency to charge by the hour, with a media commission. Depending on their reputation, costs will vary, especially if an agency you’re eyeing has a roster of big-name clients. 

Also consider what types of advertising might be costlier than others. Take video advertising–a billion users on YouTube watch some 500 million hours worth of videos daily, so it’s no shock that the year has so far seen $4.39 billion on digital video ad spending alone. That being said, competitive formats may cost you more, so ask creative prospects for a cost estimate. 

Similarly, gauge whether you need larger and more renowned agency, or a smaller, boutique agency that can deliver fewer services at a lower cost. 

Keep in mind that while more distinguished agencies may seem attractive, boutique agencies can provide more comprehensive plans affordably.

3. Hire an Advertising Agency That Can Adapt Quickly

Advertising methods are constantly evolving. From newspapers to mobile screens, there is no one way to achieve your advertising goals. But a successful and progressive advertising agency will often encourage change, or at the very least, challenge the way you understand your own products, services, and audience. People always want to try something new.

To gain a better perspective on how an agency functions, try and get in touch with their former clients. A reputable firm will be happy to point you to the groups they’ve served in the past.

You’ll also want to determine whether an agency can advertise themselves. Do they rank high on all the relevant search engines, and keep an impressive presence on social media? Take a look at their marketing, and see if their success is something you’d like for your own business.

4. Hire an Advertising Agency That Will Match Your Company’s Work Style

Just like dating, chemistry is also a big part of your relationship with a creative agency. Create a list of workstyle features that matter to your business, and reference it when interviewing candidate agencies. See if they’re interested in measuring the same kinds of data as you, whether they use the same metrics for success, and get a feel for how quickly they can accomplish tasks.

Finally, study how an agency resolves issues and problems. Integrity is an important part of building a strong working dynamic, so check to see their policies for what happens in the event that a mistake is made or a target isn’t met.

5. Hire an Advertising Agency That Can Offer More Than Just Design

Advertising goes beyond the production of eye-catching visuals and compelling captions. The work that goes into running and monitoring an ad campaign is multi-disciplinary, and it involves a great deal of tracking data, measuring success, and optimizing campaigns based on what the numbers show.

The best advertising agencies need to be more than just creative, they need to be diligent: incorporating data science and analytics in order to deliver the highest possible return on your marketing budget.

You’d get an even better deal out of agencies that weigh in on your strategies and offer consultancy about the direction of your overall strategy. While your in-house team is bound to be highly qualified, it can be a big help to have outside perspectives on your marketing.

Hire an Advertising Agency That Suits Your Industry

Working with a firm that’s familiar with your industry means you can expect output that better connects with your target audiences. 

Also consider whether you want to go with a local or international firm. We find that businesses that need to establish a stronger presence within their country of operation do better with local agencies. Likewise, brands that want to push their products and services to a global audience may do better partnering up with an international agency. 

Whatever the case, an agency that you work with should be able to keep you up to speed with the dynamics of a constantly changing environment.


There may seem like a plethora of factors your business needs to consider when it comes to sourcing an advertising agency. Still, it all boils down to a group that truly gets you—what your goals are and whether they can best help you achieve and sustain them. 

Need to jump-start your own advertising campaign? Scout for the perfect agency at the Marketing Agency Network today. 

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