6 Proven Strategies From Top Digital Marketing Firms

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November 28, 2019

6 Proven Strategies From Top Digital Marketing Firms

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, marketing a brand has become increasingly complex. There are so many things to take into account: marketing channels, metrics, customer segments, just to name a few.

It’s also become harder to get good advice because of information overload. It’s one thing to research, but to know who to trust and which sources are credible are a completely different matter. 

Every business experiences these bottlenecks when planning out their growth strategies. This is why we’ve compiled some of the best proven strategies from top digital marketing firms to be at your A-game, miles ahead of your competitors. 

1. Prioritize Brand Consistency

If you ever want to make a name for yourself in the market, what you want before anything else is to be recognized. As we go about our days online or on the streets, we’re conditioned to make brand associations with certain colors, symbols, and shapes. We don’t need anything other than those famous golden arches to know we’re looking at a McDonald’s—we know it by instinct at this point.

The same thing applies when marketing your brand. You want visual consistency across all the platforms you use: the same logo, the same color scheme, and the same tone of messaging. Learn when to use variations, and more importantly, how to keep a brand identity when trying new things.

Consistency doesn’t only give you a boost—it can keep your efforts from backfiring. ThriveHive suggests that customers are less likely to purchase from a company with discrepancies in branding because it reduces their overall reliability. You’ll want to avoid running into this kind of problem by creating campaigns and materials that don’t confuse your viewers.

2. Putting a Premium on SEO 

We understand: there are fresher marketing channels to explore than tired old SEO. But when you’re operating with a limited budget and limitless potential, you have to make sure your bases are covered—case in point, search.

WebFX posits that SEO is still a highly relevant tool because people are constantly searching for information and solutions to their problems on search engines like Google. Your products and content—no matter how popular in other marketing areas—can miss out on warm leads you don’t appear on search.

80% of online users use Google and 93% of online interactions start with search, according to DVS. This only proves that search isn’t outdated, but rather a mainstay feature in the lives of consumers worldwide—and the top digital marketing firms know better than to ignore the fact.

3. Leverage Content

People have come to expect a steady flow of media that teaches them, helps them with their problems, and/or entertains them. Wherever your customers are, may they be on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, they’re bound to be receptive to articles suit their needs and interests.

Content is king for businesses that want to generate awareness or nudge their leads along their respective buyers’ journeys. It’s highly recommended that businesses keep their channels busy with custom photos, downloadables, or articles. Evergreen content is a particularly useful tool: they’re comprehensive, timeless, and great for your SEO as well.

Mind that you can’t settle for half-baked content. The only thing that could be worse for a brand than total silence is a reputation for poor, bland, or misleading content. The top digital marketing firms make it a point to sink plenty of time and focus into their content plans and execution—never settle, always aim high.

4. Get into Video Marketing

A study by Impact suggests that users retain 95% of what they see in video. If you want to increase your brand awareness and become top-of-mind, video is increasingly looking like the right tool for the job. 

If we look at the statistics, YouTube is now considered the world’s second largest search engine, averaging 3 billion searches per month. People don’t just react well to video content, they actively seek it out for everything from make-up tutorials to product reviews.

One of the best things about video marketing is being able to explore different styles of content delivery. Your videos can be conversational or educational, interview-style, or animated, depending on the amount of effort and creativity you want to invest in making them. 

Video is a dynamic, reliable, and appealing tool that the world’s top digital marketing firms believe can skyrocket your marketing. 

5. Use Instagram for Business

One can’t simply dismiss Instagram as a platform for oversharing anymore. These days, Instagram has become a strategic game-changer in and of itself.

According to research by Lyfe Marketing, Instagram has 500 million active daily users, meaning the very people you might be struggling to reach are only ever an upload away. 

In the same study, Lyfe also found that 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing an Instagram ad. If your analytics are showing you that potential customers don’t follow through to conversion, then it might be worth exploring how your ads might do on Instagram. 

Beyond these numbers, Instagram’s interface makes it easy to browse products and content then click through to an eCommerce portal, providing an easy transition from your marketing to a sale. The platform’s level of user experience is unmatched by any other, and you the top digital marketing firms capitalize on this to increase your brand popularity and reinforce customer loyalty. 

6. Invest Heavily in Mobile Optimization

The top digital marketing firms agree: mobile isn’t the future—it’s the present. More than half of all web traffic today comes from mobile phones. In the UAE, 92% of all internet users are active on mobile social media.

The importance of marketing that’s adapted to mobile view shouldn’t come as a surprise; you only have to look around you to see that nowadays, everyone’s on mobile. The quickest minds in business have already developed apps and AMPs to make it easier for mobile users to research, book, and purchase from their phones.

Likewise, the consumer path that you design for your customers should be mobile-friendly. We recommend this article by Moz: a simple guide for mobile optimization that you can use to get started with optimizing your marketing for mobile.

However you choose to design your campaigns, make sure they pop on smaller screens.


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel right away when planning your marketing strategies. The top digital marketing firms have already laid the groundwork for you to follow—and since genius isn’t zero-sum, you lose nothing by following their leads.

Feel like you need to do some catching up? Visit the Marketing Agency Network to search through some of the world’s most qualified marketing firms and find the perfect partner to help you build a strategy of your own.

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