6 Must-Use Social Media Management Tools

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July 7, 2019

6 Must-Use Social Media Management Tools

social media management tools

Regardless of your industry, reaching out to any of today’s audiences requires a strong social media presence. While the basis of strong brand awareness is quality content, monitoring their impact and influence is key to running effective marketing campaigns. 

Sure, an impressive following may be half the work–but making the most of your social media platforms is the bread and butter of a credible business netizens want to trust. 

To achieve your online marketing goals, here are 6 social media management tools you definitely want to have bookmarked on your browser.

The Best Social Media Tool for Overall Management – Hootsuite

Claiming the internet’s title as a one-stop shop for all things social media is Hootsuite, a platform designed especially for businesses with multiple channels. 

At present, pairing your main website with a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account is a standard for getting word out onto virtual streets. Granted, all three are easy to use, but churning out copious amounts of content at specific hours can get tedious, which is what makes Hootsuite’s scheduling feature a staple social media tool. 

To measure social media performance against business KPIs, Hootsuite provides detailed analytics that reflect your likes, follows, and engagements (among other things) during any time period you wish to be displayed. You can customize reports with built-in templates and, thanks to Hootsuite’s multiple-user features, share these with your team.

For its price point and plan offers, Hootsuite is a diamond in the rough you definitely want to invest in. 

The Best Social Media Tool for Consumer Research – Brandwatch

You encounter competition with every click in digital marketing, and getting an advantage doesn’t always mean coming up with content runs counter to what you’ve already observed online. In the digital era, originality is a hard thing to come by, so studying your competitors and distinguishing campaign features that you can improve even further is a great skill to have. 

This makes social listening a must, and Brandwatch a social media tool you may want to take a look at. 

In a nutshell, Brandwatch is your secret weapon to eavesdropping on today’s most popular brands through their social media platforms, allowing you to tap into standout trends. Brandwatch’s dashboard is extremely user-friendly, and even customized to suit your goals by its customer support team. 

You can easily categorize your consumer research projects and receive updates on new features based on your set-up and objectives. Perhaps Brandwatch’s best feature is the people behind it–service providers are more so partners that are capable and constantly available. 

Aiming to grow your business as fast as possible? Brandwatch is a nifty tool you want in your digital pocket. 

The Best Social Media Tool for Twitter – TweetDeck

Considering your typical netizen’s short attention span, a tweet is the ideal way to present bite-sized information online. With Twitter’s incredibly simple interface, why not opt for a social media tool that makes it even easier to use? 

TweetDeck is a goldmine for hosting all the Twitter features you need in a single page. Create and manage timelines, lists, searches, and more to share with your entire marketing team. 

TweetDeck makes having live conversations all the more accessible. The best part is it’s entirely free! 

The Best Social Media Tool for Design – Canva

Are you an amateur designer or a professional who’s a little pressed for time? If so, Canva may be your best and most reliable bet for curating unique and eye-catching posts on a strict working timeline. 

Its drag-and-drop interface is supplemented by a wide variety of features that include free-to-use images, quick-edit templates, and hundreds of fonts, among other things. You can download your images in full quality in a format of your liking, or even have them printed.

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to make the best use out of Canva, and while its premium features are accessible for affordable fees, it’s a powerful tool that remains useful and versatile even in free mode.

The Best Social Media Tool for Royalty Free Images – Unsplash

For businesses highly active on social media, creating a photo library can be tricky and time-consuming, especially for smaller marketers short of skill and equipment. Though owning your content is a welcome benefit in most cases, sometimes you need eye-catching images at a moment’s notice–a difficult feat these days.

Just like any businesses, photographers want to grow their social presence too, making Unsplash a valuable source for royalty-free images. 

Since launching in 2013, Unsplash is now a massive catalog of over 400,000 high resolution images posted by renowned and budding photographers alike. Not only do you get an enormous catalog of images to post without a fee–you, in turn, get to support budding photographers. It’s a win-win for the online community. 

The Best Social Media Tool for Keeping Up – Google Trends

SEO is a hot trend being passed around on the online market. A chief player in getting your platforms to rank, incorporating an SEO tool into your marketing strategy is always a good idea–but Google Trends is more than that. 

With it, you can not only assimilate SEO into your content creation but edge out competitors by surveying their own material, what works, and what doesn’t. 

You can plan your campaigns according to seasonal trends and niche communities, simultaneously expanding into new territory using Google Trends’ related topics search. 

Function on several platforms? No problem–you can find out what’s popular on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else you host your content. 

Going international? Compare trends based on geotags. 

Google Trends is the best social media tool that allows you to plan your overall content plans ahead of time, and adjust as you go along. 


Whether your social media objectives are ambitious or maybe a little unorthodox, discovering the most efficient way to achieve them will take your business in a better direction. If you’re struggling to get the hang of social media marketing, try investing in tools that give you a better handle on your situation. 

Finally, if you need a leg up on your social media tools and campaigns, visit the Marketing Agency Network to connect with the world’s experts in digital marketing. Sometimes, the best resource you can have at your disposal is a great partner.

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