The 5 Most Effective Social Media Agencies in Dubai

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July 7, 2019

The 5 Most Effective Social Media Agencies in Dubai

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In a modern landscape defined by tweets, stories, and snaps, it is fair to say that social media has become a key asset in digital marketing. 

With it, businesses don’t only get to grow brand awareness–they get to strengthen consumer engagements, provide healthier customer satisfaction and achieve better SEO rankings in a cost-effective manner.

Since the UAE counts among a set of countries that are rich in digital marketing opportunities, its pool of creative entities is highly competitive. In the MENA region, Dubai is arguably the most tech-savvy community, generating much acclaim for its booming IT industry. 

In this article, we list the 5 most effective social media agencies in Dubai. Read on for a look at the best of the best, and how they got to where they are today. 

Top Social Media Agency in Dubai #1 – Igloo

Igloo is a full-service company that specializes in web development and branding. As a true advocate of social media presence, Igloo offers myriad services that include content creation, online management, and paid advertising to all types of businesses. Igloo focuses on maximizing revenue and driving relevant traffic by incorporating tools such as Google Adwords and Analytics–from which it holds certifications–to study users’ behaviors. 

What makes Igloo a well-loved agency and one of the fastest-growing in the UAE is its hands-on approach to client needs. Colorful testimonials will not only confirm Igloo’s efficacy, but also its efforts to connect with clients on a personal level. Since its beginnings way back in 2004, Igloo has been thoroughly commended for its intelligent campaigns, diligence, and effort to go above and beyond expectations. 

Igloo has also serviced an impressive roster of clients, including Nissan, Sharp, Front Row Events, and Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, among other notable entities. 

Top Social Media Agency in Dubai #2 – AddBloom

Another social media marketing giant in Dubai is AddBloom, a data-driven digital agency that combines the strengths of technology with human creativity and innovation. While a common prophecy in the digital era is seeing humans replaced by robots, AddBloom is a big believer in the impact of people. After all, analyzing the way consumers interact with products and services is what makes branding work. 

AddBloom is notable for its attention to detail, and with good reason. Where some agencies dismiss strategies that occasionally appear to prove unprofitable, AddBloom reinvents them. It takes seemingly low-impact social media features such as Messenger, and leverages them towards assets such as retargeting or engagement. 

AddBloom is also among forward-thinking agencies that have embraced the likes of influencer marketing. In its blog, AddBloom has expressed the potency of the influencer industry and its potential to drive word of mouth, advertise authentically and organically, and achieve more targeted advertising. 

Need a little more convincing? AddBloom has collaborated with massive names–for instance, BMW, L’Oreal, and Rolls Royce. 

Top Social Media Agency in Dubai #3 – Socialize

As a social media agency that is the first of its kind in Dubai, Socialize speaks for itself. But what makes it stand out? It doesn’t just cater to clients’ marketing needs with extreme capability–it does so in real-time. It supplements its expertise in social technology with data science by using the latest technology in its digital campaigns. Think augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual experiences. 

Since it was founded in 2010, Socialize has proven itself to be a top performing business, awarded by the Effies Index as one of the most effective independent agencies in MENA. It is also a proud partner of We Are Social, a socially-led creative agency network with 10 other international locations. 

Socialize has since partnered with Sony, General Mills, Bioderma, and more, focusing on strengthening social media presence through micro-content creation, influencer marketing, and groundbreaking digital experiences. 

Top Social Media Agency in Dubai #4 – Mullenlowe MENA

In the marketing communications industry, Mullenlowe is a household name–spearheading campaigns such as the Warner Brothers WorldTM Abu Dhabi Theme Park Launch, the Formula One’s 10th Anniversary, and the Nissan New Infiniti. 

The agency has broken marketing barriers through its powerful work ethic. As a renowned social media agency not only in the UAE but worldwide, Mullenlowe MENA proudly demonstrates a challenger mentality by defying norms and conventions with language and innovation. 

The group delivers by engaging in never-been-done-before strategies such as hyperbundling, which involves pooling talent from all over the world for a single campaign. Mullenlowe MENA is all about maximizing opportunities outside of just one channel. 

Top Social Media Agency in Dubai #5 – Elephant Nation

Inspired by the notion that elephants sleep standing, Elephant Nation is clearly a social media agency always on its feet. Elephant Nation’s social media strategies are unique in that they focus on a brand’s method of storytelling. They emphasize not only high engagement but long-term relationships between a business and its consumers. 

To achieve this, Elephant Nation encourages the inclusion of contests, sweepstakes, and rewards programs in its campaigns to act as the backbone of a strong buyer-seller connection.

As part of any project, Elephant Nation utilizes a customary thinking process playfully dubbed the Elephant School of Cloud. It underscores clouds as a visible mass of thoughts, way above a general level of imagination. Its highly structured process employs 5 key parts: exploration, idea, design, launch, and analysis. 

This highly functional method has fired campaigns for Kidzania, Casio, Sega, LG, and many more into great success. 


With 9.52 of 9.61 million people surveyed to be active internet users in the UAE, the country offers boundless opportunities in social media marketing. Whether you’re an Emirati or an expatriate, there is an abundance of international potential. 

The presence of multinational companies has since pushed many a firm to be as competitive as possible, which makes scoping out an effective social media agency in Dubai a major business decision.

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